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Last week I got to talk about Looper on NPR’s All Things Considered!
Click through for the full segment.
It’s a Rice Krispie Treat & Petite Sirah kind of night.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!
 [Nathan in his grandfather’s rugby sweater.]

Sunshine Coast, B.C.


A little blast from the past, circa 2007. This is our very first collaboration with Mr. Son Lux. Little did we know there would be many more to come…

He snagged and remixed a little vocal clip from “Easy Days & I” — a song off my first solo record, Firecracker. Have a listen!


Just received this fun package of beautiful dresses and accessories from Valerie Mayen of Yellowcake! Valerie is just one of the many lovely new people we met on our spring tour. She hails from Cleveland, OH and was a designer on Project Runway, Season 8.
Excited to model some of these pieces soon!
SHOW REMINDER: @ 8pm tonight in Brooklyn (Park Slope)! Email us for the details: fauxfixmusic@gmail.com

April 21st New York show added! 8pm, Park Slope
Alright, New Yorkers… We had a great time with you all at the last two shows and we’re coming back for more. We’ve just added another show for April 21st at an amazing loft in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Here’s how it works: if you’d like to come, email your rsvp and Mr. Ryan will respond with details about how to get there. Once again, this is filling up quickly, but we’d love to see you there!
This is another evening in our Living Room series and it promises to be a great night, complete with appetizers and a cocktail menu written by Ms. Lady Lillet herself, Amanda Boccato!
Jonny Rodgers will be opening the evening again on his amazing tuned wine glasses. See you soon, NYC!
Photo by Joshua Foong
Tonight’s space! 

Milwaukee, WI
Save the redheads!

Lexington, KY


Faux Fix is proud to present the debut album entitled My Antagonist!

As of today, the album is available worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, and most online stores. Enjoy the first listen of the song “Laboratory Girl” right here!

This particular track was produced by one of our favorite collaborators, Son Lux

Cover design by The Made Shop, Photography by Chris Kuehl, H&MU by Bethany Johnson

Faux Fix
We miss the people attached to these shoes…

Photo # 2 from Waveny Park, New Canaan this morning. It was so beautiful I had to stop and take a walk in the fog.

Where Nathan & I got married… :)
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